6 Signs You Should Pay For Payroll Entry Services

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Many businesses handle payroll entry internally. Especially during the early days of a company, it's often easier to punch a few details into an accounting software package. Over time, though, a company's needs can grow to the point that third-party help may be useful. If your firm sees any of these six signs of trouble, it's probably time to talk about outside payroll entry services.

Rapid Expansion

Most businesses add employees at some point. However, rapidly adding employees can make payroll entry a difficult job. If your firm is adding a second facility that almost doubles its employee headcount, then a payroll entry services provider can assist you in adding the records for the workers and making sure they get their wages.

New State

Whether you're expanding into or moving to a new state, the payroll entry process will change. State laws vary, and it can be tough to quickly adapt to them. A payroll entry services firm, though, will have the knowledge and tools required to see that your employees in the new state will get their checks. Likewise, you can trust that your firm will comply with all of the state's regulations regarding things like tax withholding, garnishments, and workers' compensation insurance.


Nothing erodes morale at a company like payroll errors. Especially if the errors are large or common, it's time to turn the job over to another company. Using automated tracking systems, a payroll entry services business can ensure that everyone's hours are accurately recorded. If someone has a problem with their reported hours, they can take their concerns to a third-party provider.

Changing Regulations

Local, state, and federal regulations regarding payroll entry will change. Keeping up with these changes can become burdensome. If you're having a hard time adjusting to new rules regarding family leave, sick time, overtime, and minimum wage, you may find it easier to let someone else handle the job.

Slow Payments

Entering and processing payrolls can make a big difference in employee morale. If your firm is regularly struggling to get people paid out on time, call a payroll entry services company and ask about the available options.

Overloaded Office Workers

Someone usually gets stuck dealing with payroll, and it's usually the person who knows Quicken and Excel the best. However, your office workers handling the payroll can become overloaded handling this work alongside other duties. A payroll entry services business can relieve some of the burdens, though. 

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