Historic Examples Of Private Capital Investments That Resulted In Billions

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Private capital investments can result in monumental wealth if you know what to invest in and when. It requires taking giant leaps of faith in fledgling companies that may have something incredible to offer the world, and hoping you made the right pick. If you are wary of making such investments with your hard-earned cash, the following historic examples of wealth via private investments may be what you need to get on board with a possible future "gravy train."

Personal Computers 

In the '70's and early '80's, a man who became a legendary icon in the world of technology started building a personal computer in his garage. A couple of buddies assisted in the design and construction. The idea was to give every home and family their own "mini-computer," as they were called because computers up until then filled entire rooms and were very complicated things. After they built the prototype, they needed funding. They sought out private capital, which was difficult because it was hard to convince anyone to invest in this device. One or two major players are historically tied to the capital that eventually launched the company, and now those people have untold wealth. 

The Social Media Phenomenon

Almost twenty years after personal computers started entering people's homes, a little thing called "social media" was developed by another entrepreneur. The idea behind it was to connect and reconnect people through a virtual/digital platform where they could talk to each other, post things and pictures about their lives, and possibly make new friends. The concept was radically different from just about any other tech.

Its first inventor had to find a private investor (or two, or three) willing to take a chance so that this concept could be fully developed into something valuable. The hardest part of the whole pitch to investors was the fact that "social media" would be free to its users. One investor in particular took a huge chance for a chunk of stock and equity in the company. He just cashed out his shares in 2012 to the tune of nearly a billion. Not bad for a $500,000 early investment, right?

3D Printing

The public tends to think that 3D printing just developed over the last ten years. Not so; it was actually created at the same time as personal computers! It has just gained greater recognition lately because of the fact that these printers are doing really amazing things, like printing hearts that can function in place of real hearts. Its inventor had the same problems as all of the other tech inventors above, but gradually, he was able to convince investors to help his dream along.  

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