Top Features You Might Want To Look For With A New Bank Account

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Are you looking for a new bank to use? If so, there are literally hundreds, or more, of banks you could choose from, so how do you make the right choice? Making the right choice will require doing some research on features you want and features different banks offer. Here are several of the top features you should consider looking for as you search for a bank to open a new banking account with.

Sign-Up Bonus

Believe it or not, there are banks around that offer sign-up bonuses just for opening a new account. You might have to put in a certain amount to start off, and you might even have to maintain a certain balance for the next few months but following these guidelines could result in a cash bonus. The amount will vary from bank to bank but earning extra cash for really doing nothing is always a big hit for people who need a new bank account.

No Fees and No Restrictions in Terms of Transaction Numbers

Secondly, as you compare banks, you will probably find some that charge fees for bank accounts while others will not. Not only is it important to find a new account that does not charge monthly maintenance fees, but it is also important to most people to find a bank that does not limit the number of transactions you can perform each month. While most banks do have some type of limit on the number of transactions, many have a high enough limit that it will not affect the average person. If a bank only allows a few transactions each month, you might have trouble following this rule and could end up paying fees if you go over the limit.

ATM Availability

Another feature many people look for in a bank is the availability of ATMs in the area. If you rely on using your ATM card to get cash when you need it, you would need a bank that offers a local ATM to you. While there are a lot of banks that might offer this, there are also banks that do not. One key perk that some banks offer, though, is the ability to receive refunds on ATM fees each month. A bank that does not have ATMs in your area might agree to refund you up to a certain dollar amount each month for these fees.

Of course, you will likely want to find a bank that also offers online banking and mobile banking options, and most banks do today. To learn more about any bank, look them up or give them a call today.