Avoid These Errors When Trying to Get a Loved One Out of the Slammer

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Suddenly getting a phone call letting you know that a loved one has been arrested and is behind bars can leave you in a state of panic, scrambling to get them out as soon as possible. The justice system does provide a method through which you can get a loved one out in advance of a trial and that's by posting a bail bond. To get this done quickly and properly, you'll want to contact a local bondsman or bail bonds service as soon as possible. But before you make that call, make sure you take a deep breath and avoid making an error that could end up keeping your loved one in jail for longer than anyone would like.

Calling the Bondsman Before You Have the Correct Information From the Jail

To help your loved one, the bail bonds service will need to know what they were charged with, if there is going to be a hearing to set bail, what county the jail is in, and your loved one's booking number and perhaps other key information like their date of birth. You should first try to get through to your loved one or a jail official to get this information before you contact the bail bond service, otherwise, the bondsman might not be able to help you right away.

Calling the First Bail Bond Service You See 

Picking the right bail bondsman for the job is critical to getting your loved one out quickly. You'll want to find a local service that offers 24/7 support and one that is licensed by the state and has a reputable track record. Do a little research on the local services you find to make sure you are getting the right company or bondsman. Getting a company that doesn't play by the rules set by the state could lead to a situation where bail is denied or delayed and then your loved one will remain behind bars for longer.

Getting Pushy With the Police, the Jail Officials, or the Bondsman

Once you've called the bail bonds service, wait for them to contact you or for your loved one to call when they are out. You might be feeling anxious, but trying to repeatedly call the bail bondsman for an update is just going to take up time they could be used to work towards getting your loved one out. You can go to the jail to wait for release if you want to, but do not annoy the police or jail officials by constantly asking about the bail or even worse, making any kind of threat. Be patient and a professional bondsman will have your loved one out soon.